Every year, Limente brings new solutions to the market, which make it easy to plan and implement an easy-to-use and functional lighting system. In our novelties, you will find new and fresh products for lighting, versatile sockets and lighting control.

Limente socket selection has been renewed. Find even more versatile products for your every need in our selection. Whether you need to find a corner outlet, an outlet for your kitchen space or an outlet with a USB connection, you will find an option that can be recessed into the surface or installed under the cabinet in Limente's selection.

Our new, stylish and unnoticeable sockets are embedded. Their particularly low structure enables the sockets to be installed not only on tabletops or shelves but also in furniture, such as tables, sofas or bookshelves. The level looks clean and uniform, as the socket does not rise from the level.

Discover our new socket series DOT, ELITE, MONO, PICK and VERSA and the wireless charger CHARGER. The sets contain several different models, which are identical in external dimensions and thus form an elegant combination when installed side by side or on top of each other.

Lighting control is an increasingly integral part of lighting. By controlling the lighting in your home, you can change the look of your home and decor in an instant. The three new series of Limente Smart lighting control make planning and implementing lighting control even easier. Smart Classic is an affordable basic package that allows you to control all Limente 24 V lights. Smart Luxus is a glass design series with which you can control not only 24 V lights but also 240 V ceiling lights. Smart Greenline, which is similar to Luxus in terms of features, is the most ecological way to control lighting in your home, because for the first time the switch produces the energy it needs by itself and the switch does not contain a battery.

Led-Linea, the most popular of our profile light fixtures, now has a black and white profile as color options. All colors of the profile light fixture are available in both 3000 K and 4000 K color temperature as well as adjustable color temperature (2700 K – 5500 K).

The selection of furniture and showcase lighting has been completed with a new compact Led-Leto light, which is perfect for showcases and other places where mood lighting is needed. The popular Led-Lenox 4000 K has been joined by a warm white 3000 K version. Both Led-Leto and Led-Lenox are available in all colors white, black, brass and rst optic.

Our sales will be happy to tell you more about the new products. Send a message to sales.

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