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High quality strips for different spaces in your home

The LED ribbon is a separate light strip that can be installed anywhere, using its adhesive surface, as a work light or to create an atmosphere. When choosing an LED tape, consider the following:

What is the installation location of the LED tape. Do you need a damp space tape (IP44) or is a tape for dry space (IP20) enough. If you are unsure about this then choose a damp space tape ribbon. It is suitable for both dry and damp spaces, but the dry-space ribbon does not work in damp spaces.

What is the desired hue. If the tape's main function is to create a nice atmosphere in the room, then a warm white (3000 K) is often the most suitable hue. However, if the tape is to function as a work light, the natural white (4000 K) is usually the right choice. In case you want to adjust the color temperature yourself you should choose CCT (2700 K – 6000 K), an adjustable ribbon. In this case, remember to also select the Limente Smart CCT regulator (No. 640430 + 640434).

The strip should always be mounted on a heat-conductive surface, such as an aluminium list, in order not to overheat. There are several different aluminium strips, depending on the application and the light you want. You can purchase either aluminium profiles and led strips separately or as a bundle, which includes both profiles and strips.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items