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Professional looking installation of LED tapes

The LED profiles, aka the aluminium mouldings, protect LEDs from excessive heat and dirt, in addition they transform the LED strip into a stylish lamp.

The lightweight design of LED profiles and the versatile accessories allow the LEDs to be used in the kitchen space, utility room, bathroom, furniture, shelves, socle, walls, wardrobes and many other spaces.

LED profiles can be used for surface and flush mounting as well as corner profiles and various special profiles. The colour options for the LED profile are: aluminum, white and black.

The LIMENTE Led profiles always include the necessary mounts and possible corner pads, as well as a diffuser, the transparent protection in front of the light. The diffuser both protects the LED tape and makes the light even and free of points.

All profiles can be shortened to a suitable diameter with an iron saw or sickle.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items