LIMENTE PROFILE LINEA without led-strip | black 2,0 m/4,0 m + 1,0 m

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682306 4129610 PROFIILI LINEA black, 2,0m + 1,0m: In stock MyLimente 682307 4129611 PROFIILI LINEA black, 2,0m+2,0m+1,0m: In stock MyLimente 96214 KIT-2m, IP44, 4000K: In stock MyLimente 96215 KIT-4m, IP44, 4000K: In stock MyLimente 96310 KIT-2m, IP44, CCT (2700K-6000K): In stock MyLimente 96311 KIT-4m, IP44, CCT (2700K-6000K): In stock MyLimente 681588 4009731 Extension cord 3,0 m: In stock MyLimente 66110 4009734 Extension cord 3,0 m, CCT: In stock MyLimente

Aluminum profile for LED strips

LIMENTE PROFILE LINEA is designed for installing LIMENTE RIBBON led strip. You can use the profile to install the led strip in a kitchen workspace or in a utility room. The profile has a standard length of 2 meters and can be shortened to a desired length using a hacksaw or a circular saw. When the profile is cut to a proper length, simply install the led strip inside. The shorter, additional profile (included in delivery) can either be used for the power supply cable of the led strip or as a profile. Put the finishing touches to your lighting design with our 90-degree corner pieces and our end pieces! LINEA profile is available in alumnium, white and black color.

LINEA profile is easy to install. Use LINEA profile for a smooth installation and extend the lifetime of the led strip. Take your pick from the several different options of LIMENTE RIBBON (available in different lengths, different technical values and IP classifications) to suit your personal lighting design. N.B.! The led strip and power supply must be ordered separately.

Dimming and lighting control

Combine any LIMENTE RIBBON led strip with either LIMENTE SMART CLASSIC, LUXUS and GREENLINE series wireless dimming and lighting control system. With our SMART systems, you can easily change the lighting and ambience in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy with just a push of a button.

LIMENTE RIBBON IP20 and LIMENTE RIBBON IP44 are dimmable either with LIMENTE SMART CLASSIC, LUXUS ja GREENLINE 24V dimmer (no. 640540) and wireless wall switches (no. 640541, 640542, 640544, 640546 and 640547). The dimmer is installed between the power supply and the fixture. The dimmer includes a similar manifold to the one included in the power supply. You can connect up to 6 LIMENTE lights to one dimmer, as long as the maximum load (W) of the power supply is not exceeded.

RIBBON is also dimmable with a Dali driver (LEDDALI100). The driver is controlled by either a 240 V Dali controller or a push button switch, utilizing the "Push Dim" function.

LIMENTE RIBBON IP44 CCT requires the dimmer LIMENTE SMART 560 (no. 640560) and the wireless wall switch (no. 640561 and 640562) from our LIMENTE SMART series to use.


LIMENTE profiles are cut to a desired length using a hacksaw or a circular saw and secured in place with the supplied installation tools and attachment brackets. Use the additional profile and corner pieces to hide all wiring to make your lighting design complete!

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