Breakfast cabinet SET 56 PROFIL with door sensor | 4000K, CRI>95, alu

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Breakfast cabinet SET 56

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An extremely low and efficient profile fixture with door sensor to breakfast cabinet

LIMENTE PROFIL LUX is a part of LIMENTE LUX collection. The LIMENTE LUX collection provides the best quality of light in technical features, such as efficiency and color rendering, and maximizes the lifespan of the product. PROFIL LUX is a simple and cost-efficient choice to light up your breakfast cabinet!

LIMENTE PROFIL LUX has a perfect color rendering (Ra>90). The fixture has a light output of 1100 lm/m and a color temperature of 4000K. Due to the excellent technical values, our LUX models reproduce natural colors optimally, which really makes colors come alive! The products in our LIMENTE LUX collection are all granted with a three-year additional warranty in addition to our two-year warranty granted for all our products.

The fixture includes a matte protective glass diffuser, which makes the light even and continuous and makes the light a bit warmer in light color. All technical values are given to the fixture including the diffuser.

LIMENTE 100-series is designed to automate lighting control in all home spaces. Automated control of lighting is at its best when the lights are on when they are needed and where they are needed without the user needing to pay much attention. Unnecessary use of lights and electricity consumption are reduced as security increases. Automatic lighting control makes your breakfast cabinet lighting a new kind of comfort and safety product, and at the same time it is also an ecological way to use lights.

Lighting control

LIMENTE SMART IR-sensor works as an automated ON/OFF –switch.

The Smart IR-door switch is installed near either a sliding or swinging door and whenever the door is opened, the lights inside of the cabinet light up. The detectors can be up to four pieces in one system.


LIMENTE PROFIL LUX is fast and easy to install with the installation tools included.

The power supply cable is put in place (e.g. hidden behind a cabinet) so that the male connector comes close to the power supply and the female connector comes near the PROFIL LUX fixture. The power supply cable can be placed to come out either from left or right of the fixture. You can hide all the wiring inside a cable channel included, which gives a stylish finishing touch to your lighting design.

The fixture includes a cable channel for the power supply cable. The channel can be shortened to a desired length (the led profile is available in five standard lengths, which cannot be shortened). Both the cable channel and the PROFIL LUX fixture are attached with the attachment brackets included. Finally, connect the power supply cable to the light fixture and to the power supply. All electrical connections are done with quick connectors.

There is a 5cm + 300cm long power cord at the end of PROFIL LUX. An extension cord (3m, no. 681588) can be ordered, in case a longer power cord is needed. Extension cords can be fitted with a maximum on 1 pcs of fixtures, with a maximum cord length of up to 6m.

The LIMENTE SMART SENSOR series electronics unit and sensor are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations. First, select the desired operating mode on the electronics unit so that the sensors work the way you want them to.

The compact electronics unit has female and male connectors. The male connector is pressed into the power supply and the female connectors are connected to the LEDs on the LED side. You can connect a maximum of four 24V lights to one system. IR sensors are installed on the SENSOR side. You can do the installation yourself as no electrician is needed.

The sensor is placed behind the door so that when opened, the door goes away from the front of the sensor.

A maximum of 4 sensors can be connected to the electronics unit. All connections are made using easy plug and socket connectors. When connecting lights to the LIMENTE SMART SENSOR, make sure that their total maximum load does not exceed 96 W.

Package contents

- 3 x Profil-Lux 56
- driver 60W
- 2 x Smart 512 door sensor

Technical data

Fixture color
Light source
Light flux
3 x 616 lm
51 lm/W
Input power
3 x 12 W
35.000h (L80B10)
Enclosure class
Warranty months
Additional warranty months

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