LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX 4000 K, IP44, aluminium | 1100 lm/m, CRI>95

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LED-PROFIL LUX aluminium

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62706 4129649 PROFIL 26 LUX: Availability date: 12/21/2022 MyLimente 62707 4129650 PROFIL 56 LUX: In stock MyLimente 62708 4129651 PROFIL 86 LUX: In stock MyLimente 62709 4129652 PROFIL 116 LUX: In stock MyLimente 62710 4129695 PROFIL 146 LUX: In stock MyLimente LED27015 4009725 Driver 15 W: In stock MyLimente LED28030 4009738 Driver 30 W: In stock MyLimente LED28060 4009740 Driver 60 W: In stock MyLimente LED28100 4009741 Driver 100 W: In stock MyLimente 681588 4009731 Extension cord 3,0 m: In stock MyLimente

An extremely low and efficient profile fixture

LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX is a part of LIMENTE LUX collection. The LIMENTE LUX collection provides the best quality of light in technical features, such as efficiency and color rendering, and maximizes the lifespan of the product. LED-PROFIL LUX is a simple and cost-efficient choice to light up your kitchen! The led profile is available in five different standard lengths. The fixture has an IP44 classification, which makes it possible to be installed under a drying cabinet. Due to the excellent light output, the profile fixtures can be placed even 60-80cm apart! You’ll receive excellent light on your cooktop, when the fixtures are placed on both sides of the cooker hood.
LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX has a perfect color rendering (Ra>90). The fixture has a light output of 1100 lm/m and a color temperature of 4000K. Due to the excellent technical values, our LUX models reproduce natural colors optimally, which really makes colors come alive! The products in our LIMENTE LUX collection are all granted with a three-year additional warranty in addition to our two-year warranty granted for all our products.
The fixture includes a matte protective diffuser, which makes the light even and continuous and makes the light a bit warmer in light color. All technical values are given to the fixture including the diffuser.
LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX is an excellent choice for kitchen workspaces as working light, in book shelves, inside wardrobes or on upper cabinets as indirect light. The end result is always spectacular!

Dimming and lightcontrol

Suitable lighting for any occasion is made easy with our dimming and lighting control system. You can easily change the lighting and ambience in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy by dimming your LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX with our wireless system. You can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including various ceiling, panel and profile lights. The light adjusts smoothly at the same time while creating ambience for working, entertaining or any mood in between.

LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX is dimmable either with LIMENTE SMART 350 dimmer (no. 640351) and a wireless wall switch (no. 640352) or with LIMENTE SMART 500 24V dimmer (no. 640540) and wireless wall switches (no. 640541, 640542 ja 640544).
The dimmer is installed between the power supply and the fixture. The dimmer includes a similar manifold to the one included in the power supply. You can connect up to 6 LIMENTE lights to one dimmer, as long as the maximum load (W) of the power supply is not exceeded.


LIMENTE LED-PROFIL LUX is fast and easy to install with the installation parts included.
The power supply cable is put in place (e.g. hidden behind a cabinet) so that the male connector comes close to the power supply and the female connector comes near the LED-PROFIL LUX fixture. The fixtures can be installed up to 60-80cm apart. The power supply cable can be placed to come out either from left or right of the fixture. You can hide all the wiring inside a cable channel included, which gives a stylish finishing touch to your lighting design.
The fixture includes 30cm long cable channel for the power supply cable. The channel can be shortened to a desired length (the led profile is available in five standard lengths, which cannot be shortened). Both the cable channel and the LED-PROFIL LUX fixture are attached with the attachment brackets included. Finally, connect the power supply cable to the light fixture and to the power supply. All electrical connections are done with quick connectors.
There is a 5cm + 300cm long power cord at the end of LED-PROFIL LUX. An extension cord (3m, no. 681588) can be ordered, in case a longer power cord is needed. Extension cords can be fitted with a maximum on 1 pcs of fixtures, with a maximum cord length of up to 6m. Please note the adequate length of the cord and the maximum load (W) of the power supply.

Package contents

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Technical data

Fixture color
Light source
Surface mounting
Current supply
Top, hole Ø 8 mm
Light flux
1100 lm/m
Color temperature
4000 K
35.000h (L80B10)
24 V DC

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