LIMENTE SMART 130 (sensor 3-20 m) | 240 V

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Presence detector / long distance

LIMENTE 100-series is designed to automate lighting control in all home spaces. Automated control of lighting is at its best when the lights are on when they are needed and where they are needed without the user needing to pay much attention. Unnecessary use of lights and electricity consumption are reduced as security increases. The LIMENTE 100-series is designed to automate lighting control in all home spaces. The system lights up any room lights, cabinet lights, or even the kitchen lights when light is needed. The lights remain on for as long as you are in the room or the door is open. Automatic lighting control makes your home lighting a new kind of comfort and safety product, and at the same time it is also an ecological way to use lights.

The LIMENTE SMART 130 is designed to automatically control the general lighting of the room. The control is especially well suited for rooms where normally is only being walked through or used to perform some task and then left the room. Examples of such types of premises include various corridors, cloakrooms, hallways, bathrooms, garages, staircases, etc ..

The detection distance is considerably longer than with the LIMENTE SMART 110 control and can be adjusted as desired. The length of the lights-on time required depends on the installation location. For example, in a hallway it may be shorter than in a dressing room. It is possible to adjust the detection distance (allows the use in different sized rooms) and the time the light is on. The detection distance is adjustable between 3 and 20 m and the time the lights are on between 1 second and 10 minutes.

Lighting control

LIMENTE SMART 130 works as an automated ON/OFF –switch.


The LIMENTE SMART 100-series electronic unit and sensor are simple and quick to install and do not require separate electrical installations. The small electronic unit has female and male plug connectors. The male plug is pressed into the socket and the power supply of the controlled lights is connected to the female plug. You can also do the installation yourself. When controlling ceiling luminaires, the female plug with the wires is disconnected from the electronic unit and the panel lamp is directly connected to the electronic unit.

The sensor is positioned at a desired location for example in a spacer. Then the detection distance is adjusted and the time the lights are on. Sensor is connected by quick connectors to an electronic unit.

Package contents

- presence sensor with quick connector
- electronics unit with quick connector

Technical data

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240 V
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