DOT shuko socket | s/s/white/black

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Dot shuko socket s/s/white/black

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Unnoticeable round socket

The stylish unnoticeable socket can be embedded in tabletops, shelves, furniture, etc. Thanks to their small size and plug-in power supply LIMENTE DOT products can also be used in other types of furniture, such as tables, sofas, and bookshelves.

LIMENTE DOT product series includes four different models, all of which are identical in external dimensions. The product options DOT shuko socket, DOT USB (A+C) socket, DOT bluetooth speaker, and DOT wireless charger. All DOT sockets ae identical in external dimensions and are therefore an elegant ensemble when installed side-by-side or on top of each other. Due to its modular structure, DOT is also available with different types of connectors (e.g., HDMI) for projects.

Color options

The product is supplied with a stainless steel, white, and black cover, so the product color can be selected during installation. The thin outer rim is always chromed.

Installation and electrical connection

DOT shuko is quick and easy to install.

A round opening is made in the tabletop or, e.g., side of an island, into which the socket is placed. The power supply, which is included in delivery, is then connected to the socket. In order to facilitate the installation and cable feedthroughs, the plug is delivered separately and is fixed at the installation location.

Package contents

- socket with 2m supply cable
- grounded plug

Technical data

Flush mounting
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Max amperage
16 A