VERSAQW USB socket + charger + USB (A+C) | white

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VERSAQW USB socket white

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Minimalist and stylish power unit

VersaQ is a stylish power unit with USB charger. The front edge of the unit has one grounded socket and two USB connectors (USB-A and USB-C). The power unit is also available with wireless charging (VersaQW). Wireless charging is on top of the unit. To use wireless charging, the outlet needs to be installed on top of the tabletop.

Its minimalist, award-winning design makes the power unit a stylish option for homes and offices as well as public places such as airports. The socket is a striking choice wherever you want to solve the need for electricity in a more elegant way.

Color options

Available in black and white.


VersaQ ja VersaQW are easy to install.

The power unit can be installed on the tabletop from above or below with the included supplied brackets. The supply cable of the unit is connected to the grounded socket. To facilitate installation, the plug is supplied loose and is attached at the installation location. Due to the VersaQ stand as an accessory, the power unit can also be used separately on the tabletop.

If the outlet, to which VERSAQ is connected, is connected to a 10 A fuse, that’s also the maximum load of VERSAQ. If the fuse is 16 A, is the maximum load of VERSAQ also 16 A. The power consumption of the USB ports and the wireless charger in the VERSAQ sockets in standby mode is <0.3W.

Package contents

- socket with 2m supply cable
- grounded plug

Technical data

Power socket color
Surface mounting
Cable coupling
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Max amperage
16 A

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