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Recessed table top socket

INSET is a recessed tabletop socket designed for homes and offices. It has three sockets that are neat and simple to use. The sockets are covered with a alulook lid. Sockets are at an angle of 45 degrees so they are easy to access and are immediately visible when the lid is opened. When the lid is closed, wires can pass through the front edge of the cover.

In the front of the socket there is a space for the cables, which allows you to close the cover neatly even when you have plugs attached. In this way, the lid prevents dust and dirt from going into the socket. When plugged into electrical appliances, keep the cover closed. The cover is not intended to be kept open. When the lid is closed, wires can pass through the front edge of the cover.

Simple and fast installation

For the INSET socket, you only need to make a right size hole in the tabletop, insert the socket and screw it into place with two screws. The table thickness should be up to 30 mm in order to use the supplied fastening screws. The product is supplied with a 2 m long power supply plug that is plugged into an outlet and the other end to a wall outlet.

Package contents

- socket with 2m supply cable
- grounded plug

Technical data

Power socket color
Flush mounting
Input power
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Pinch time
16 A