Pleasant light in the breakfast cabinet - easily with ready-made sets

Currently very popular breakfast cabinets are designed so that the doors can be kept open or closed and the interior of the cabinet has been designed to suit the look of the kitchen. With the cabinet doors closed, the kitchen can easily get a clean, even minimalist look, but everything you need can be found in the cabinet ready when it’s time to start making breakfast or snacks.

However, even if there is a good general light in the room, it will not be able to illuminate the interior of the cabinet, especially when you stand in front of the cabinet blocking the light. Therefore, it would be important to illuminate the inside of the cabinet to provide a pleasant, efficient enough light for making toasts, coffee brewing and other kitchen activities. In addition, designed cabinet lighting also works as a beautiful part of the interior when the doors are open.

Efficient and sufficient light inside the cabinet increases functionality and safety of everyday tasks. Lighting can also be part of the interior and emphasize the materials selected in the cabinet and the containers stored there.

To facilitate the design and selection of cabinet lighting, we have put together a few different sets with which you can easily implement lighting and light control in your breakfast cabinet with one set. The sets always contains all the parts needed for lighting!

Finish the lighting with the socket that suits your style and needs.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items