Pleasant light in the breakfast cabinet - easy with ready-made sets 

Breakfast cabinets are very popular and they are already becoming standard equipment in many kitchens. Small kitchen appliances as well as cereal and porridge packages can be hidden behind the doors in the breakfast cabinet, but at the same time you want the cabinet to be a beautiful part of the kitchen even when the doors are open. The interior of the breakfast cabinet, including the lighting, is thought out as part of the rest of the look of the kitchen. Carefully planned lighting makes everyday life easier and safer.

Good general lighting in the kitchen is important, but it is not enough to illuminate the interior of the breakfast cabinet, especially when everyday chores are being done by the cabinet. It is important to light the cabinet from the inside, so that there is pleasant and sufficiently efficient light for buttering bread, making coffee and other activities. In addition, the carefully designed cabinet lighting also acts as an attractive part of the interior when the doors are open.

Well-designed and efficient light inside the cabinet increases the ease of use of the cabinet and the safety of everyday chores. The lighting can also be a part of the entire kitchen's decor and emphasize the lines of the shelves as well as the materials chosen in a stylish way.

To facilitate the design of breakfast cabinet lighting, we have put together a few ready-made sets, which include everything you need for breakfast cabinet lighting. The sets always contain all the parts needed for lighting, from light fixtures to lighting control in the same package!

Complete the ensemble with the socket of your choice.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items