Furniture lights

Accent lights for furniture

Our furniture lights are spotlight-like LEDs that are often installed to be visible and to be seen. The fixtures are also available recessed. Using our furniture lights, you can accent a single object or use them in a kitchen workspace to provide efficient working light.

All the fixtures in our timeless and stylish collection provide pleasant, spotless light. The LED light does not have dots, as the fixtures have a matte protective glass, which prevents dots from appearing and makes the light pleasantly even. The protective glass provides even light and the efficient LEDs provide a sufficient illumination.

Most of the fixtures are available in both warm 3000K and fresh 4000K color temperature. The warm and cozy 3000K color temperature is more yellow in tone than the cooler 4000K color temperature, which closely resembles pure and natural white light. The fresh 4000K color temperature is suited for any space, as it doesn’t alter the color tones of the interior design of the space but really makes the colors pop!

Our rechargeable light fixtures don’t need separate power supply, and are therefore possible to place anywhere. The fixtures operate with rechargeable batteries. The fixtures are installed with magnets, which makes them easy to install and unfasten. The batteries are charged with a USB connector.

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