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Ceiling lamps

Bring light to all the spaces in your home.

The ceiling lights are lights hanging from the ceiling, or mounted in the ceiling. Ceiling mounted lights are available with three different power outputs. The power outputs should be chosen based on the room height and how close to the surface you want to place the lights. For example, you can easily replace a traditional ceiling light with a surface mounted light. If you need more lights check the recommended installation distance for the product to ensure a suitable lighting intensity.

The hanging ceiling lamps are equally suitable as the light source in a cabin free kitchen as well as the light above dining table or the general light of the room. In addition, the hanging lights can be added in the living room or bedroom to enhance the look when they are installed on top of a cupboard or bureau. The hanging lights add a general light and create a beautiful atmosphere in the room.

The colour temperature of the LIMENTE ceiling lights is always 4000 K, so ceiling-mounted, recessed and hanging ceiling lights can be combined freely to maintain a uniform color. You can create a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere in your home by combining lights. The LED lights on both the pendant lamp and the ceiling are available as a Scandinavian matte black and white colour option.

The ceiling-mounted LEDs are timeless and fit into every space on all ceiling surfaces.

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