LIMENTE ISOPYRY white / black | 22 W, 1550 lm

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A timeless and stylish pendant light


LIMENTE ISOPYRY illuminates evenly over a wide area. The geometrical, pure visual design is in harmony with other home furnishing. ISOPYRY is an excellent choice for a kitchen light! It’s well suited over a table or a kitchen island either alone or in a group. The pendant is easy to keep clean due to its clean and clear shape.
LIMENTE ISOPYRY is a fresh, timeless choice for different kinds of commercial spaces, such as business lobbies and cafés, or offices. PYRY is well suited for timeless, minimalistic furnishing, but also adds beautiful contrast to more exquisite interior designs, bold and bright colors, and finer pieces of furniture with its sleek design.
LIMENTE ISOPYRY is suitable for different kinds of residential and commercial spaces or offices. Use the smaller LIMENTE PYRY and the larger LIMENTE ISOPYRY anywhere in your home and make different kinds of designs just to your liking by matching the different sized pendants freely! Whether your taste is minimalistic and timeless or more exquisite and abundant, your light fixtures will be in sync and harmonized throughout your interior design. Find more tips and different lighting design ideas at ”Tips for lighting”!

Dimming and lightcontrol

Appropriate lighting for any occasion is made easy with our dimming and lighting control system. You can easily change the lighting and ambience in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cosy by dimming your LIMENTE ISOPYRY with our wireless system. You can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including various ceiling, panel and profile lights. The light adjusts smoothly at the same time while creating ambience for working, entertaining or any mood in between.

LIMENTE ISOPYRY is dimmable with LIMENTE SMART GREENLINE series 240 V SMART 580 dimmer (no. 640580) and wireless wall switches (no. 640546 and 640547). Smooth dimming is an easy way to change ambience and create a new look in the room with just a push of a button!
The dimmer is installed inside the pendant’s mounting cup between the mains current and the LIMENTE power supply. All connections are made with quick connectors, which makes installing easy as no changes to the roof structures or power cables are needed. In addition to LIMENTE SMART 580 dimmer, the pendants can be dimmed with compatible TRIAC dimmers.


LIMENTE ISOPYRY is fast and easy to install. The product consists of a light fixture, a ceiling mounting cup and an integrated power supply.

When necessary, the power cable of the pendant can be shortened to a desired length. Use screws to secure the mounting cup bracket on the ceiling, attach the power cable plug to the light fixture socket and fasten the mounting cup to the mounting cup bracket.

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Technical data

Light source
Suspended / ceiling mounting
Current supply
Light plug
Light flux
1550 lm
70 lm/W
Color temperature
4000 K
Input power
22 W
35.000h (L80B10)
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Pinch time