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Motion sensors

Automatic light control to ease your life

The automated control of lights is at its best when the lights are turned on when and where they are. With motion sensors the unnecessary use of lights and the consumption of electricity are reduced while safety increases. Nothing is more convenient than when you enter to a dark home with your hands full of goods and lights lit up without you needing to find the light switch.

The LIMENTE 100 series is designed to automate the lighting control in all areas of your home. The system will ignite any lights in the room, closet lights or even the kitchen's spacing lights when the lights are needed. The lights remain switched on as long as you are in the room or, for example, the closet door is open. Sensible lighting control creates a new kind of comfort/safety in your home and at the same time it is also an environmental friendly way to use the lights.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items