LIMENTE RUSKA white/ black | 9 W, 600 lm

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Ruska, white, 4000 K, 240 V: In stock MyLimente Ruska, black, 4000 K, 240 V: In stock MyLimente

LIMENTE RUSKA is like a small torch that spreads a calm coziness reminding of the autumn. The evenings become longer and the need of light increases regardless of the time of the day. RUSKA is a versatile pendant light aimed for a variation of spaces in a home as it is for public spaces. It is well suitable for the kitchen, living room, a cafeteria or in a commercial lobby. The pendant light also functions as a divider of the space and as an ambient light.

Its small size and Scandinavian looks makes it easy to place as a group as task light above an island, table or other cabinets without top cabinets. RUSKA is perfect above a small side table or as a night lamp when installed as single.

The color options are a classic pure white and a harmonious black. The pendant light has a metallic frame and the white version is completely white creating a calm and settled impression. The black Ruska has the impressive black/gold coloring that makes it perfect as an ambien

The lamp is easy and simple to mount. The light consists of the lamp, lamp fixture and a driver that is integrated to the lamp fixture. The wire between the lamp fixture and the light can be shortened to the desired length upon installation. The fastener of the lamp fixture is screwed to the ceiling, power is lead to the driver and after this the lamp fixture is attached to its fastene

Technical data

> 80
67 lm/W
Energy class
Light flux
600 lm
Input power
9 W
Colour temperature
4000 K

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