KASTE white | 17 W, 1200 lm

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KASTE wh ceiling light

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A ceiling light with integrated motion sensor

LIMENTE KASTE is a round ceiling light with integrated motion sensor with versatile adjustment options. The dome shaped shade is elegant and white acrylic. The ceiling fitting is aluminium-plated. The light reflected through the matte white shade is non-glaring and beautifully even.

KASTE has several different adjustment options, which makes the light perfectly suit your needs! You can adjust the motion sensitivity (distance from movement), the natural light level (how dark the space should be to turn on the light), and the time period (the duration of time the light will be illuminated when activated) of the fixture to your needs. It’s also possible to adjust the light to only be operated with a separate wall switch.

KASTE is a great choice for any room at home. Due to its IP44 classification, KASTE can also be used in humid conditions, whenever an automatic ceiling light is desired. LIMENTE KASTE has a sleek look and versatile adjustment options, which make the fixture an effortless choice for all commercial spaces or offices, as well. Find more tips and different lighting design ideas at ”Tips for lighting”!

Dimming and lighting control

LIMENTE KASTE is not dimmable. The fixture has an integrated motion sensor, which can be adjusted accordingly:

Detection ranges:
Motion sensor:
- On the ceiling 360°, max radius 5 m
- On the wall 180°, max radius 10 m
Delay adjustment range:
- min 10 s ja max 30 min
- 2-2000 lx


LIMENTE KASTE is fast and easy to install. The product consists of a light fixture, a ceiling mounting cup, an integrated power supply, and motion sensor control.

When necessary, the power cable of the pendant can be shortened to a desired length. Use screws to secure the mounting cup bracket on the ceiling, supply the power to the power supply and fasten the mounting cup to the mounting cup bracket.

Package contents

- lamp body
- hood
- integrated driver and motion sensor

Technical data

Fixture color
Light source
Installation method
Surface mounting
Current supply
Fixed installation
Light flux
1200 lm
71 lm/W
Input power
17 W
35.000h (L80B10)
Enclosure class
240 V
Warranty months
Pinch time

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