LIMENTE FLAT 12 white/black | 330 lm, CRI>90

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65224S1 4139859 FLAT 12, set of 1 lamp + driver: In stock MyLimente 65224S2 4139860 FLAT 12, set of 2 lamp + driver: In stock MyLimente 65224S3 4139861 FLAT 12, set of 3 lamp + driver: In stock MyLimente 65224S4 4139862 FLAT 12, set of 4 lamp + driver: In stock MyLimente 65224S5 4139863 FLAT 12, set of 5 lamp + driver: In stock MyLimente 65224-1 4139858 FLAT 12, separate lamp: In stock MyLimente 681588 4009731 Extension cable 3,0 M: In stock MyLimente

Minimal and thin spotlight

LIMENTE FLAT 12 is a slim spot light with an ultra-thin body (only 8.5 mm) that makes the result look stylish easily. When installed on the underside of a cabinet or shelf, LIMENTE FLAT 12 spotlights look like recessed lights. LIMENTE FLAT 12 is easy and quick to install and the light comes from a wide area while being pleasantly even. There are no unpleasant shadows and dark spots on the surface to be illuminated, as may happen with traditional point lights. LIMENTE FLAT 12 includes both white and black frames so you can choose to use the one you like most.

LIMENTE FLAT 12 lights are suitable for both homes and public spaces where even, modern LED lighting is desired. Both have very good light output and work excellently as both work and mood lights.

Dimming and lightcontrol

Suitable lighting for any occasion is made easy with our dimming and lighting control system. You can easily change the lighting and ambience in your home from efficient and bright to dim and cozy by dimming your LIMENTE FLAT 12 with our wireless system. You can use the same switch to adjust all the LIMENTE lights in the room, including various ceiling, panel and profile lights. The light adjusts smoothly at the same time while creating ambience for working, entertaining or any mood in between.

LIMENTE FLAT 12 is dimmable either with LIMENTE SMART CLASSIC, LUXUS ja GREENLINE series 24V dimmer (no. 640540) and wireless wall switches (no. 640541, 640542, 640544, 640546 and 640547). The dimmer is installed between the power supply and the fixture. The dimmer includes a similar manifold to the one included in the power supply. You can connect up to 6 LIMENTE lights to one dimmer, as long as the maximum load (W) of the power supply is not exceeded.

LIMENTE FLAT 12 is also dimmable with a Dali driver (LEDDALI100). The driver is controlled by either a 240 V Dali controller or a push button switch, utilizing the "Push Dim" function.


LIMENTE FLAT 12 is simple and quick to install on the desired surface. The spotlight is attached to the bottom of the furniture using small screws that come with the lamp, after which the frame is refitted.

The installation of the LIMENTE FLAT 12 luminaire is quick and easy. The power supply cable (hidden behind the cabinet, for example) is laid in place so that one end comes close to the power supply and the other close to the FLAT 12 lamp. The lamps can be installed at intervals of up to 40-60 cm, which allows them to be placed on both sides of the cooker hood so that there is also good lighting on the hob.
The FLAT 12 has an integrated 3 m cable as standard. If this is not enough, you can order an extension cable (3 m) with article number 681588. Extension cables can be connected for max. 1 pc / lamp cable, with a maximum cable length of up to 6 meters. However, remember to take into account the adequacy of the length of the luminaire cables and the fact that the maximum load (W) of the power supply is not exceeded.
All electrical connections are made simply with plug & socket connectors, so you can also do the installations yourself.

Package contents

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Technical data

Light source
Surface mounting
Current supply
Top, hole Ø 8 mm
Light flux
330 lm
60 lm/W
Color temperature
4000 K
Input power
5,6 W
Enclosure class
24 V DC

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