LIMENTE PYRY white/ black | 12 W, 900 lm

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Pyry, white, 4000 K, 240 V: In stock MyLimente Pyry, black, 4000 K, 240 V: In stock MyLimente

LIMENTE PYRY and ISOPYRY light up the space reminding of a fresh winter whirl. The clean and simple design is in harmony with the other geometrical proportions. The Scandinavian and timeless format fits well into different spaces at home as also in public spaces. PYRY is an excellent choice as a kitchen light. It fits well above a table or an island stand both standing alone or as grouped.

Both the smaller LIMENTE PYRY and ISOPYRY that is bigger in its size can be used in all spaces at home, variying the size according to the space and need. This way the lamps maintain a harmonious look throughout the decoration. The lamp is also a fresh and classic solution for a wide range of public spaces such as cafeterias and corporate lobbies.

LIMENTE PYRY is a clean white pendant light. The fresh Led-light is reflected beautifully trough the white surface.

The lamp is easy ad simple to mount. The light consists of the lamp, lamp fixture and a driver that is integrated to the lamp fixture. The wire between the lamp fixture and the light can be shortened to the desired length upon installation. The fastener of the lamp fixture is screwed to the ceiling, power is lead to the driver and after this the lamp fixture is attached to its fastener.

Technical data

> 80
75 lm/W
Energy class
Light flux
900 lm
Input power
12 W
Colour temperature
4000 K

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